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My name is Katie and I am the creator and designer behind Searose Jewellery. I started making jewellery after moving out of my family home and into a flat on my own in 2016. I wanted to take up a new hobby and started to learn wire wrap. I gave these as gifts to my friends who loved them and encouraged me to start selling them. To make the necklaces long-lasting, I began using real silver, which introduced me to silversmithing – Searose Jewellery was born as a result. 


I began silversmithing at the beginning of 2019 with no skills. I am completely self taught and have spent these years honing my skills. I invested in the most basic tools to begin my journey, read many how to blogs and watched lots of tutorial videos on youtube. I made many mistakes and injured myself a lot, but each failure lead to a lesson learnt.


I love being outdoors and taking long walks on the beach. On one of my journeys, I visited a beach called St Mary’s Well Bay in Penarth, Wales. I started to notice pops of colour amongst the pebbles which turned out to be sea glass. Over the years I visited this beach regularly and collected as many pieces as I could. I loved the idea that each piece has a history behind it and that it began its life as a useful item to someone. I eventually had many jars full of these beautiful pieces of sea glass that I wanted myself and others to be able to wear. 


Each piece of jewellery is made in my home studio, where I also run my business, package parcels and photograph items. I have managed to grow my home studio over the years which now hosts a large range of tools and machines to help me create these pieces of jewellery, but when I began my journey, I started on a small second hand computer desk that I would share with my artist boyfriend who painted on the desk with me. I really cherished these creative moments with him even if we both each only had a very small space. We moved to our first flat together and my business really began to take off which means that I needed more space. Luckily we were gifted a larger table by a friend, which had space for my ever growing tool and silver collection. I have always had such amazing support from family and friends. My Poppa (my grandad) has always supported me and wanted to invest in my business, so he spoilt me to a professional jewellers bench and chair, this completely blew me away as I had never really had anything this nice, not only did this make me feel like a professional jeweller, it also inspired me to work harder as my poppa truly believes in me and Searose jewellery.


Myself, my boyfriend and my beautiful springer spaniel have now moved into my grans house which I spent a lot of time in as a child. We have so much more space than we are used to and have a gorgeous garden. My home studio is also a lot larger than I have previously had and I am absolutely loving the space. Our little family is grownng and we have a little baby boy on the way which makes me cherish my little business even more and I can’t wait for my family and business to grow further.

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