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Custom Made Jewellery


If you have something in mind that you'd like me to create, please contact me on the contact page or email me directly on 
We can discuss what you have in mind, and I can give you a price and an idea on how long it will take for the piece to be made.

Custom Semi Precious Stone Cuff

The stones in the cuff were chosen by the customer, they are Ethiopian Opal, Sapphie, Moonstone, Apatite and opal triplet. The stones are complimented with recycled silver balls and are beautifully attached to a hand textured sterling silver cuff. On the inside of the cuff the customers name engraved for a personal touch.

Cuff 1.1 .jpg
Ring 1.1 .jpg

Custom Sea Glass Ring

This customer had collected pieces of sea glass from her trips to the beach. She sent a collection of sea glass pieces to myself and asked me to make her a ring using three pieces.

Custom Sea Glass Bracelet

The customer had asked for a bracelet for his wife 40th birthday using a piece of Welsh sea glass. I sent him a picture of a selection of sea glass that I had, which he then chose the piece he liked. To make the bracelet extra special for his wife, on the back engraved is a heart with 40 inside.

Bracelet 1.3 .jpg
Insta 1.1 .jpg

Custom Sea Glass Necklace

My most popular commission is the sea glass necklace. Either the customer will send me a piece of sea glass they have collected or they will choose a piece from my collection. The customer can choose the chain and length. They can also decide if they want something engraved on the back for an extra personalisation.

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